We Can Fix Your St. Louis County, MO Traffic Tickets

And Speeding Tickets

Traffic tickets and speeding tickets in St. Louis County, Missouri have serious consequences.  If you have been ticketed for a traffic offense in St. Louis County, MO, you need experienced traffic attorneys to give you the best outcome.  Issues such as fines, civil consequences such as lawsuits arising out of traffic crashes, points on your license, and even possible jail time can be addressed and mitigated with a good traffic lawyer who can work hard to fix your tickets. 

While it might seem simpler to pay your traffic fine and be done with it, there are numerous potential problems with doing so.  By pleading guilty and paying a fine, courts will construe this is an admission of guilt, and it can come back to haunt you if there are concurrent civil matters in which you are accused of causing injury or property damage to another.  Paying a fine on most traffic tickets will also lead to points on your driver's license, and eventually lead to suspension or revocation and higher rates, which could be avoided by hiring an attorney to fix those traffic tickets and speeding tickets.   

It is important to hire a competent attorney to handle your St. Louis County, MO traffic tickets. A dedicated lawyer will negotiate with the prosecutor, review police reports and tickets and work hard to keep points off of your license.  Often times, traffic tickets can be amended, or "fixed" to avoid points on your driver's license and higher insurance premiums.

At Wegge & Casey, P.C., our traffic attorneys handle all types of traffic matters in St. Louis County including speeding tickets, failure to yield, stop sign violations, driving while suspended, driving while revoked, and others. Our firm also boasts highly trained and experienced traffic lawyers, including a former assistant prosecutor and a former elected prosecutor.  


We are able to handle most speeding tickets and traffic tickets by phone without your having to appear in court. We are waiting for your call. Call now.