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Can Help You Fight Your Jefferson County, MO DWI Charge

     If you received a driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence charge in Jefferson County, Missouri, (commonly referred to as DWI or DUI), it's easy to feel like you're alone.  The lawyers at Wegge & Casey, P.C. can help.

     DWI law in Jefferson County, MO is governed by Section 577.010 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, which prohibit operation of a motor vehicle by an individual in an intoxicated condition.  This means intoxication due to alcohol, drugs, or a controlled substance.  Depending on a number of factors, such as how many prior convictions, pleas or findings of guilt one has, as well as the circumstances of the DWI itself; a DWI may be a misdemeanor or a felony. And in many cases, the statutes have a provision requiring mandatory jail time.  These are all areas that a good criminal and DWI defense lawyer will know and understand well.

     DWI / DUI law is an unusually complicated area of criminal law.  Not only are there numerous regulations dealing with everything from the means by which officers are required to conduct field sobriety testing or administer breath tests, to serious civil complications that may arise out of a DWI. And those civil consequences may arise whether or not criminal charges are even filed.  For instance, you may lose your license for a year for failing to blow when requested by an officer, even if the State or local municipality never files criminal charges.  There are also numerous competing and overlapping jurisdictions, 

     Because of the complexity of receiving a DWI or DUI in Jefferson County, MO, it is absolutely imperative to hire a competent attorney who can help you navigate these waters.  

     At Wegge & Casey, P.C., we have dedicated criminal defense attorneys, including the former elected prosecutor of Jefferson County.  We offer free consultations, and we are waiting for your call.