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Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets and speeding tickets in Jefferson County, MO can have serious ramifications, and they come in many forms.  There are criminal consequences including fines and possible jail time, civil consequences, and administrative consequences involving your driver's license.  Whether for a speeding ticket, a traffic ticket, driving while revoked or suspended, it is important to hire a competent Jefferson County traffic lawyer.

Arrest warrants may be issued for failing to appear to your court appearance - even in small traffic and speeding matters.  A court may even issue a warrant for failing to appear on a seatbelt ticket, which in and of itself does not carry the possibility of jail time.  A failure to appear in court could lead to suspension of your driver's license.

While it may seem easier to simply pay your traffic fine and be done with it, there are several potential downsides to doing so.  For one example, paying a fine on a traffic ticket is an admission of guilt and may be used against you in court in cases involving an accident in which injury was caused to another. Simply paying a fine may also lead to points on your license and even suspension or revocation of your driving privilege through the State of Missouri. Insurance rates may also be affected.  A competent Jefferson County traffic lawyer who specializes in speeding tickets and traffic tickets can often fix these tickets, which prevents points from accumulating on your driving record.

It is important to hire a skilled traffic and speeding tickets attorney to handle your Jefferson County, MO tickets. A Jefferson County traffic lawyer will enter into negotiations with the prosecuting attorney, review police reports and tickets and work hard to fix your ticket and to keep points off of your license.    

Wegge & Casey, P.C. boasts highly trained and experienced traffic attorneys, including a former assistant prosecutor and a former elected prosecuting attorney of Jefferson County, MO.  


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