We Can Handle Your Hillsboro, MO Traffic Tickets

If you received a speeding ticket or a traffic ticket in Hillsboro, MO, there are potentially serious ramifications both to your driver's license as well as to your liberty.  Whether the ticket is for speeding, running a stop sign, leaving the scene of an accident, or driving while revoked or suspended, it is important to understand the consequences of the ticket.  You need a competent traffic ticket attorney by your side.

While receiving a speeding ticket or a traffic ticket might seem like an insignificant matter, failure to appear for your court date could lead to warrants being issued for your arrest.  This can lead to suspensions and other compliance issues with Missouri's Department of Motor Vehicles, and of course even to your arrest.  

Furthermore, simply paying the fine for your speeding tickets may result in points be assessed against your driver's license.  This can have serious consequences both for your driver's license in terms of points which can accumulate and lead to suspension and revocation, as well as to your wallet through high insurance rates.  A traffic tickets lawyer can help.  Often, a speeding ticket or a traffic ticket can be amended once an attorney enters on a case, and can fix your ticket to avoid points on your license.

Hiring an experienced Hillsboro, MO traffic attorney who can fix your speeding or traffic ticket will potentially save you money and headache in the long run by negotiating with the prosecutor, reviewing reports and checking for any possible defenses, and keeping points off of your license.  

We are Wegge & Casey, P.C.  We have experienced traffic lawyers to handle your speeding tickets and traffic tickets in Hillsboro, MO, and we are waiting for your call.  Call now.