We can help you fight your DWI / DUI / DUID charge.  


     The penalty for a DWI in Missouri can range from a misdemeanor for a first or second offense, up to serious felonies beginning with the third offense.  And the consequences are serious - even for a first offense DWI.  There are criminal sanctions as well as civil penalties which may include the loss of your license.  Working from our office in Hillsboro, Missouri, Wegge & Casey P.C. can help you if you face these charges.  Our team of attorneys includes the former elected Prosecuting Attorney of Jefferson County.  We have tried numerous DWI trials over the years, and our breadth of experience enables us to craft a wholistic defense, contemplating both the criminal and civil aspects of driving while intoxicated offenses.

     This defense must include a thorough review of all the evidence in the case, which the prosecution is required to turn over under the rules of discovery.  It also includes, in many instances, negotiations with the prosecuting attorney to secure the best possible outcome given the facts of the particular case.

     We can handle your DWI throughout Jefferson County and Eastern Missouri, including:

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