Fight Your Byrnes Mill, MO DWI or DUI Charge

     If you know someone who has recently been charged with driving while intoxicated, often referred to as DUI or DWI, in Byrnes Mill, Missouri - or if you have recently been charged or stopped by police yourself - it can be difficult to know where to go for help.  There is an abundance of information, and an abundance of mis-information, on the internet.  So with all of the competing voices, where can you go, and who can you trust? 

     Wegge & Casey, P.C. handles DWI and DUI charges in Byrnes Mill, MO.  Forrest Wegge is a founding partner in the firm.  He is the former elected prosecuting attorney and has deep and long-standing ties to the area.  David Casey, founding partner, was an assistant prosecuting attorney and his family has deep roots in Jefferson County as well.  At Wegge & Casey, P.C., we have lawyers with the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your DWI charges.  


     DWI law comes within the purview of Section 577.010, RSMo.  It specifically prohibits anyone who is in an intoxicated condition from operating a motor vehicle.  A motor vehicle is broadly defined and includes everything from cars and trucks to motorcycles, motorized scooters, and even golf carts.   "Intoxicated condition" is defined in the statute as well.  Intoxicated condition means intoxication due to drugs, controlled substances, or most commonly alcohol.  Penalties for DWI and DUI in Byrnes Mill, MO can be severe, but they range from misdemeanors for most first and second offenses, up to felonies for the third offense, or those cases in which others are injured or killed as a result of the intoxicated driving. In addition to the criminal penalties, there are a number of civil consequences of a DWI in Byrnes Mill, which can include the loss of your driver's license through the Director of Revenue (the DOR).  

     If you have been issued a DWI or DUI in Byrnes Mill, MO, you need an attorney who stays up-to-date on changes in DWI law.  It is crucial, as there are many statutes and state regulations which operate simultaneously, making DWI law one of the most complicated in the entire criminal justice system. An experienced lawyer will review all of the relevant police and alcohol influence reports, look at your case from all angles, analyze the breath tests and the field sobriety tests (FSTs) as appropriate, and even undertake negotiations with the prosecutor on your behalf.   

     We are Wegge & Casey, P.C., and we have a team of dedicated criminal defense attorneys, including the former elected prosecutor.  Our initial consultation is free.  And we are waiting for your call.